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Puppy Training School with a Vet Clinic in Northcote

We understand how much you love your pup and appreciate that you have a lifetime of good times ahead. Bringing home the newest member to your family is usually a very exciting time for the owners and we tend to become over excited and quickly overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with the new addition. Although we need to treasure these first moments, we also need a little help in learning how to ensure your new puppy fits into this environment comfortably and the types of behaviours you want your pup to acquire, and those that you want to avoid.

Educating Your Energetic New Addition

What is the best way to go about educating your energetic pup? We realise the struggles and stress that come with training and teaching your dog good behaviours. The good news is you do not need to suffer with this pressure alone. This is where training at a puppy school will equip you with the teaching skills you need for your new addition.

Your dog will seek direction and instruction from you – most of the time anyway! Puppies are sociable and enjoy a great deal of interaction with us and other animals from a young age. They are naturally curious and eager to learn and will throw themselves in to most situations with delight. As a result, they will begin to develop personalities and attitudes, good and bad, based on these experiences just as we do. As their ‘parent’you have the responsibility to socialise and educate them as well as you can, and mixing them with other dogs and people during these formative years is important. Attending a class can provide this experience in a secure and supervised environment, but how do you know which one is right for you and your pup? Read our How to Prepare for Puppy School article.

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