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What if your Pet Requires Surgery?

We know better than anyone that your pet is an important member of the family. We understand that if they get sick you want them to receive the best medical care. Sometimes surgery is the only option for humans and this can be the case for our furry friends too. A veterinary hospital guarantees that your vet has the equipment on hand to help your pet in the most challenging circumstances.

The professional team at Northcote Animal Hospital (nOah) work hard to provide the highest standards of staff care, equipment and management for your pet if surgery is required. Like you, we love animals and pride ourselves on the fact that if you live in Northcote or Fairfield our veterinary hospital will provide your pet with the very best in surgical care. Our dedicated theatre features top grade anaesthetic equipment and instruments so our experienced vets can carry out many procedures on site. You can rest assured that your pet is in a safe pair of hands during surgery and post-op our nurses administer cuddles whilst keeping a close eye on pain levels and temperature.

Veterinary Hospitals are typically able to perform a variety of common procedures such as desexing, stitching wounds, biopsies and eye surgery. It’s a many and varied list of possible surgical procedures that vets have to tackle!

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