339 High St,
Northcote, VIC 3070

Why Your Dogs Will Love Us At Noah

At nOah, we’re animal people. But as dog owners ourselves, we have a special affinity for canine companions. When you bring your dog to our Northcote veterinary clinic, you can rest assured that every step of the process has been carefully designed to reduce the stress that your dog may have experienced at vets before. Every member of our team, from our receptionists to the vets themselves, are gentle, approachable and willing to help with any concern you may have about your puppy’s visit.

Separate, Dog-friendly Waiting Area

If your dog has a particular love for chasing cats, then there’s no need to fear embarrassment. Our dog waiting area is entirely separate from the feline waiting area, and we even have treats and chew toys available for the particularly restless. We even have ‘walk-on’ dog weighing scales for those dogs that are a little tricky to encourage to step up onto traditional dog weighing scales.

Canine Consultation

Our facilities have been custom designed for comfort and functionality, to cater for the needs of each individual species for which we care. That means you can rest assured that your canine companion will have a separate consultation and hospital areas away from cats, birds and bunnies. We make sure your dog doesn’t become over stimulated — both canines and their owners can relax.


We know that your dog is part of your family. And the way they deserve to be treated is with nothing less than empathy and love. That’s the belief each and every one of us has here at nOah.

However, we also understand that different dogs can have different temperaments. If your dog feels unsure or threatened by a new environment, the staff at nOah can help to reduce this anxiety with their expert care and attention.

Above all else, we know that dogs love us because we see how happy they are when they come to visit. We have plenty of reviews online to attest to this lovely fact, and would be delighted to speak to you should you have any concerns or questions whatsoever.

Redeemable Dental Checks

We understand just how tricky checking your dog’s dental hygiene can be. That’s why we offer redeemable dental checks.

Unfortunately, around 80% of dogs over three years of age suffer from dental disease. We help you ensure your furry friend isn’t one of them.