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Why Your Cats Will Love Us At nOah

The Cat Clinic in Northcote

Our brand new, purpose-built vet clinic in Northcote has been designed with cats in mind. Considerable thought was put toward creating a cat-friendly clinic in Northcote with facilities to reduce stresses encountered at the vet. As a result, we are proud to say we have incorporated a cat waiting area and cat-only hospital ward.

Our knowledgeable staff also happen to be cat owners themselves and they understand that cats need to be cared for in a calm and relaxed manner. This genuine understanding translates to better overall care for your cat when in hospital and extends to support and advice about the challenges you face when back home introducing prescription diets or medications. Even just getting your cat to the vet in the first place can be hard! We are always happy to help with any of these challenges or problems you may face.

So when considering a new vet for your much-loved kitty ask the question…

Does your Vet have ‘Cattitude’?

Here is a list of design features that make us such a cat-friendly vet clinic in Northcote:

vet and kitten

Cat Waiting Area

Cats are seated well away from the dog waiting area so that your cat can wait in a calm and non-threatening environment. There is specialised seating to place your cat carrier underneath to avoid any direct visual contact with other cats which can also be stressful.

Cat-Friendly Consultation Rooms with Calming Pheromones

Our consultation rooms have been designed as safe environments that allow cats to be examined calmly and effectively. Feliway diffusers are used to help create a sense of calm, familiarity and security. This pheromone therapy is proven to help prevent or reduce stress in unfamiliar environments.

inside northcote vet

Reception Service

There is access to the reception without having to leave the cat area.

Dedicated Cat-only Hospital Ward

The difference this makes to reduce stress and improve comfort for sick, hospitalised cats is enormous. Our white fibreglass cages are warmer, quieter and more comfortable than stainless steel, and are designed so that patients do not have direct visual contact with each other. The ward is calm and quiet, being situated far from noises such as barking dogs and washing machines.

We hope that you will be impressed by our knowledge and understanding of cats’ special needs. Visit our clinic in Northcote that is designed for the needs of cats.

cat playing with toy at the boarding facility

Northcote Animal Hospital will be closed from Friday 29 March 2024 and re-opens Tuesday 2 April 2024.
You can still book online if your case is not urgent, otherwise, please contact CARE Emergency Centre on 1300 888 200.