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Pet Health Checks

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Health Check on a catnOah provides consultations for all types of illness and health concerns, as well as routine health checks, vaccinations, older pet concerns, behaviour issues, pre-surgery checks, and so much more.

nOah prides themselves on conducting a thorough health examination during every pet consultation. For new pets, extended time is given at no extra charge so that we can get to know our newest pet patients and their loving owners, and have time for a thorough debrief and check over.

Health advice is tailored to your pet’s age, any existing health issues, and any preferences you may have about different treatment regimes. As your pet grows older we may start to monitor for kidney disease and diabetes by collecting and testing a urine sample from them. And as the aging process hits the senior years, blood tests may be required to assess organ function and hormone levels. All of this will be discussed and determined during the consultation. Our aim is to detect health problems at the earliest stage so that we can optimise treatment outcomes for your pet. Helping your pet live a longer, healthier life is why we are here.

Northcote Animal Hospital will be closed from Friday 29 March 2024 and re-opens Tuesday 2 April 2024.
You can still book online if your case is not urgent, otherwise, please contact CARE Emergency Centre on 1300 888 200.