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How to Keep Your Dogs Teeth Clean

Dogs teeth are not as prone to cavities as humans’ are. However that doesn’t mean that dogs can’t still have problems such as tartar and plaque buildup and gingivitis. If not looked after properly canine dental problems can lead to life-threatening infections. Below we have compiled a few ideas regarding how best to give your best friend the best Dog Dental care possible.

How to brush your dog’s teeth

That’s right; you can & should brush your dog’s teeth! The team at nOah can help advise you on how best to brush them. We can help you learn how to make it a reasonably pleasant experience for both of you.

Dry food is better than soft food

There are food choices you can make to help improve your dog’s oral health. Crunchy kibble is better for your dog’s teeth than soft food, as soft food is more likely to stick and cause decay.

Chew bones and chew toys

There are many synthetic bones and chew toys that are specially designed to strengthen your dog’s gums and teeth. Just make sure you’re providing safe objects for your dog to chew on. Hard objects can cause broken teeth. Products are created specifically for dogs to chew & play with that are safe for their teeth.

Giving your dog a good bone to chew on can help get rid of buildup and keep teeth strong.

When to see a veterinarian

Whether you brush your dog’s teeth or not, you should have a look inside his mouth every week or so. If you notice any of these signs of dental problems, then take your dog to the vet:

  • Bad breath
  • Change in eating or dog chewing habits
  • Pawing at the face or mouth
  • Depression
  • Excessive drooling
  • Misaligned or missing teeth
  • Discolored, broken, missing or crooked teeth
  • Red, swollen, painful or bleeding gums
  • Yellowish-brown tartar crust along the gum line
  • Bumps or growths within the mouth

How often to see a vet?

Even with healthy teeth, just like you, your dog should have their them checked by a professional every six to twelve months.

Northcote Animal Hospital offers free dental quotes for dogs in Northcote, Thornbury, Preston and Fitzroy. Book your free vet dental check today!

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