a dog laying on the groundCongratulations you have found the perfect puppy, a new best friend, a lifetime of love, loyalty and fun is headed your way and it doesn’t get much better!

What an exciting time, there is nothing like a beautiful bouncy puppy full of joy and perhaps a little mischief to brighten your life.

Why is Puppy School Great for your Pup?

From the moment your puppy arrives in your home they will look to you for guidance.

Puppies are very social little creatures, they thrive on human and animal contact from the moment they are born. Pups are just like little sponges and soak up all the information this big wide world has to offer; including good and bad experiences and from here our cute little puppies form “opinions” about what is fun, scary, exciting, overwhelming, comforting, threatening etc.

As their guardians, it’s our job to ensure we give them the best start to life possible, along with excellent nutrition and lots of TLC, we also need to allow them the opportunity to socialise and meet other puppies and people during this crucial time in their lives.

A safe and controlled way to do this is to attend Puppy School.

Here at nOah in Melbourne, we run weekly dog obedience classes in a clean and controlled environment, protecting and encouraging those shy, quiet puppies and gently guiding the more outgoing and confidant babies.

Northcote Animal Hospitals puppy school runs for 4 weeks, one hour per class here at the hospital.

Not only do we help socialise your puppy, but we also focus on the following:

  • You will learn how to read your puppy’s body language and respond appropriately in different situations.
  • We will teach you how to train your pup with positive training methods such as sit, drop, stay, come etc and your puppy will learn important polite life lessons such as taking treats from your hands gently, no jumping, biting etc.
  • We also discuss diet, general health care, desexing, safe toys and treats, insurance etc.
  • We will encourage and help develop a strong bonds between you and your puppy.

One of the other huge benefits of attending classes here at Northcote Animal Hospital is that the puppies genuinely love to come to the hospital as they remember their classes, they return time after time happy and confident which means a much less stressful visit for the both of you.

When can we Start Puppy School?

Many people often assume puppies must wait until their final vaccine to attend puppy pre-school, the good news is this is not the case!

The great news is our school is held here at the hospital in Northcote, in a clean and safe environment so you can actually start their training one week after their first vaccine.

This vaccine is usually given between 6-8 weeks, often before your puppy comes to live with you. If you are unsure, please call the hospital and we can help explain the process to you and enrol you in our next class!