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Dog Skin Allergies – How Can You Identify One?

We see a lot of dogs with lots of different skin complaints at nOah in our Northcote Vet Clinic. There are a number of possibilities behind the cause but more often than not it’s due to an allergy of some kind. If your dog begins to bite their feet, itch their face on the floor, or bald patches of hair with inflamed skin appear, then it’s likely that they are suffering an allergic reaction and, like us, are experiencing an irritating and painful response. The tricky part for both vets and owners is to figure out exactly what the source of the irritation is in order to remove it from the dog’s environment or diet.

Common symptoms include skin irritation and itching if something in their environment is causing a problem, arunny nose and sneezing if the dog inhales the allergen, vomiting or loose stools if eating a problematic food, or inflammation around an irritating insect bite. It can be confusing, however, when your dog does not exhibit any of these particular problems but you know they are just not themselves. They might be itchy all over and rub their face along furniture to try and scratch an ear infection that develops as an allergic response.

You know better than anyone if your dog is not quite right, so if they develop any unusual symptoms or behaviours it’s best to get them checked out by a vet. They will examine your pet and advise on potential dog skin allergies, their causes and treatment. Contact our practice and friendly team if you have any concerns about your dog.

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