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If you want the best for your pet, then look no further than our vet clinic. Your pet will love it and so will you. We’ve designed our animal hospital with all the needs of your pet in mind to make sure that we provide the best veterinary service in the Fairfield area.
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A key aspect of our approach is our creation of separate wings for dogs and cats. That means that cats and dogs are separated from the waiting room right up until the consultation, keeping your canine or feline friend happy and stress-free. Our purpose built hospital, highly trained vets and nurses, and our compassionate approach have given us our reputation as one of the finest vets in the Fairfield area.

Both sections have been designed to keep your feline and canine friends relaxed and get them in the right mindset for the consultation. The dog hospital areas are filled with chew toys and treats while the cat’s hospital areas are filled with Feliway diffusers that fill the air with pheromones that are proven to reduce stress in cats.

Our first priority is to build a good relationship with your pets and ensure they feel safe and looked after every time they visit our veterinary clinic near Fairfield. Our professional and friendly vets provide exceptional care and advice. We offer an extensive range of veterinary services from the everyday (consultation, vaccinations, desexing, dental, x-ray and cattery services), to behaviour consultation and complex surgical procedures.

Locally Known as the Most Complete Veterinary Services near Fairfield

We offer:

  • Dog Vaccinations: We can look after your dog vaccinations from the puppy stage right up to adulthood, so your best mate can enjoy a long and healthy life.
  • Cat Vaccinations: We’ll give your kitty cat all the jabs they need to keep them safe from a number of devastating illnesses and diseases. And we aren’t far from Fairfield, so your kitty won’t be stressed on arrival.
  • General / Routine check-ups: Regular visits to the vet are crucial and your pet will love our Fairfield veterinarians so much that bringing them will be a breeze.
  • Dental Care: Every type of pet needs a good dental care regime. Here at our Fairfield vet, we offer dental quotes for free, so you can ensure your pet’s pearly whites are looked after at all times.
  • Behavioural Consultations: If your pet has been acting strangely, or is having social problems, bring them along and our resident behavioural vet will help you get them back on track.
  • Cat Boarding: Everyone deserves a break and premium cat boarding facilities mean you can relax and know that your kitten is being looked after by the best next time you’re on holiday. And being so close to Fairfield, the journey won’t be a barrier.
  • Puppy School: We love seeing puppies come into our school and graduate as confident, polite and social dogs. Give your puppy the best start to life by enrolling at our puppy school.

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