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Clifton Hill Vet

Our state-of-the-art veterinarian clinic is the perfect place to take your beloved pet. We provide a comprehensive veterinary service to all residents of the Clifton Hill area. We’ve made our animal hospital both feline and canine friendly.

cat, dog and bird at the tree

We understand that cats and dogs can become either stressed or overly excited in each other’s presence so we’ve created separate dog and cat waiting areas. This creates a calm, low stress environment unlike any other vet clinic in the Clifton Hill area. Our purpose built, modern facility is combined with expert and caring veterinary advice. This has shaped our reputation as a leading veterinary clinic in Northcote. We are very proud of the service we offer, and the difference we make in people’s and pet’s lives.

Our canine consultation room is designed to keep your dog relaxed and happy while they wait for their appointment. We also offer free dental quote and the opportunity to have your puppy trained where they go to the vet, allowing them to form a healthy relationship with our Clifton Hill vets and vet nurses.

Your cat will also be treated to a ‘cat only’ waiting area, consultation room and hospital ward. Our custom designed seating allows you to place the cat carrier underneath your seat to provide a little protection from unwanted eye contact with other cats.

Our hospital wards have been designed to provide your puss with the ultimate in comfort so they can recover faster. We’ve even placed Feliway diffusers throughout the hospital as a way to help alleviate stress by filling the air with calming pheromones.

We’re not just about cats and dogs though, we can look after all types of pets and we offer your bunny, bird, guinea pig and goldfish the same standard of care and attention at our vet near Clifton Hill.

Locally Known as the Most Complete Veterinary Services near Clifton Hill

We offer:

  • Dog Vaccinations: Give your puppy the perfect start to life and keep them healthy throughout adulthood by staying on top of their injections
  • Cat Vaccinations: Protect your feline companion from serious disease and illness by allowing us to provide the vaccinations your cat needs. And being just a hop skip and a jump from Clifton Hill, your cat doesn’t have far to travel.
  • General / Routine check-ups: Visit us for regular check-ups so we can stay on top of your pets health and pick up on small problems before they get serious.
  • Dental Care: Looking after pet’s teeth is a vital part of their health regime. That’s why we offer a free dental quote as part of our overall pet health plan.
  • Behavioural Consultations: Our veterinarian approach seeks to bring out the best in your pets. We believe that all pets can become loved family members and that’s why we have incorporated a behavioural consultation service into our animal hospital.
  • Cat Boarding: Our cat boarding facilities are first class. We’ve left no stone unturned in ensuring that your cat will be pampered and enjoy a holiday of their own while you’re away. And with just a short trip from Clifton Hill, they won’t be stressed on arrival.
  • Puppy School: A good puppy school makes a good dog and our training program is the ideal start to turn your puppy into a well-behaved, social and friendly dog.

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