Wouldn’t my cat be better off in a boarding facility with large run-style or outdoor enclosures?

When cats get stressed or anxious it is in their nature to crave small secluded spaces. In order to feel comfortable, cats need to feel a sense of ownership over their territory, and it is easier and quicker for them to achieve that in a small indoor space. The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) has established guidelines for optimal condo sizes. Our cattery meets the Gold Standard of ISFM criteria – what does this mean? Our condos are specifically designed which means they are the purrfect space for your cat during their holiday. The proportions of the condos help minimize the stress of staying away from home. We deliberately only have a small number of them so that there will be less noise and feline smells.

Our cattery has a skylight to allow natural light in for our guests. The condos are designed so doors do not face each other. This is to minimise any stress of our guests if they are more timid with strangers.

There is enough space for them to move around, for their litter, food and bedding to be kept separate and clean, without your cat becoming stressed due to the large size of the enclosure.
Our condos come in three sizes: single, siblings and secluded (see below for dimensions). The doors of the accommodation are made of clear perspex, which allows natural light into the condos. The hideaway area available on some condos have a solid wood door, allowing a nice dark area for them to relax into their holiday.

Depth Width Height Perch Height Hideaway size
Single 900mm 700mm 1100mm 440mm
Siblings Two condos joined by a door 900mm 11400mm 1100mm 440mm
Secluded/td> 900mm 760mm 1100mm 450mm Available via a doorway on the side of the main condo 430mm(w)x900mm(D)x440mm(H)
Can I come and look at the cattery before making a booking?

Of course you can! We encourage owners to check out the accommodation and talk to the staff who will be looking after your precious kitty! We want you to feel secure in the knowledge your cat will get the best care from our staff who are genuine cat lovers!

How do you ensure my cat stays healthy during their stay?

The beauty of being part of a vet clinic means that there is always a vet close at hand if there are any concerns about a guest. Staff are in and out of the cattery all the time checking on the welfare of our guests or just to give them extra pats or extended play time.

What will you feed my cat?

We offer premium cat food, Vet Essentials, for our guests. It is a vet-only food that is part of the Hill’s range. They have formulations suitable for kittens, adults, and seniors. If your pet is on a prescription diet then please bring this with you in a secure, chew-proof labelled container. Any special foods can be provided by you and will be fed to your cat, as per your instructions.

My cat is extra nervous. Will they be okay in the cattery?

We know that being in a different environment can be nerve-racking for any pet. Our condos are designed to allow privacy for the individual and our staff are well trained in reading body language, so they will take that extra time to earn the trust of our guests.

Our veterinarians are very passionate about behaviour and will ensure your cat is comfortable during their stay. We can also assist in long term behaviour management plans if you wish.

The condos are designed so that doors do not face each other. This is to minimise any stress for our guests if they are more timid with other cats.

We have a Feliway® diffuser plugged in at all times that disperses a synthetic feline pheromone to relax our guests. Classical music is also played during the day to sooth our guests.

Can I bring items from home to make my cat feel more comfortable?

Of course you can! We want our guests to feel as comfortable as possible. Although we aim to take care of their every need, a very special ‘lovey’ item is also appreciated.

What happens when the clinic is closed?

Our highly skilled staff are on site to tend to the needs of our guests whether it be a Sunday, or public holiday.

Does my cat get any exercise?

We have a range of toys, enrichment activities, tunnels and scratch items for your kitty cat to use while they are staying with us. Our guests are given extra play time in the communal area in the cattery. If they have a special toy at home you are more than welcome to bring that along.

Will you give my cat any attention?

Of cause we will! All all staff are pawsitively passionate about cats, their care and needs. You will normally find the nurses in our cattery, giving extra pats, head bobs, or enjoying some playtime with our guests. We also love to post pictures on our social media of our guests enjoying their time with us!

What if it is a really hot/cold day/night?

Out cattery has a climate controlled split system which is used to ensure the cattery is kept at the purrfect temperature for our guests. If we know it’s going to be a particular cold night, we will ensure they get extra fluffy beds to cuddle up in.

Is there an age limit or restrictions for boarding?

All cats over 8 weeks are welcome to board with us. We have many senior cats who board with us. Extra special care is taken with our seniors to ensure they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Extra fluffy padded beds, steps to different levels, extra litter trays or special food bowls are all available to make their stay as special as they are. Our staff are all trained to give medications of all types, whether they are needed orally or as injections.

What is the minimum stay length? Do I have to pay a deposit?

During non-peak times, there is no minimum length of stay and no deposits needed to secure your bookings. Please see the table below for peak times.

Time of year Minimum length of stay Deposit to secure booking
non-peak none none
Easter Thursday before Good Friday to
Tuesday after Easter Monday
Christmas 1 week $100